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Re: Winter/Spring Hardcourt Season 2012

Originally Posted by soulage View Post
Yes but we have clay now
Yeah, I intentionally didn't bring it up

But hopefully he can surprise us all and perform well on the red stuff

For Benoit I'm pretty sure it will be OK Adrian needs a good run before the 16 of april. Arno got one last year and we know that if they give him a WC this year it's more for his name and last RG

There is a maximum of 6 WC for french guys. I think Paulo will not used his PR and have the WC that's sure the question is only about the fact he uses or not his PR not about the WC indeed.
Then guys who would need a WC Mannarino = I'm giving him one, Prodon = FFT don't care about him I think, Robert = well for Berdych win last year ?, Serra = yes he's training at FFT and need one, Rufin = of course he gets one, DeSchepper = average year for the moment, Gicquel = maybe his last RG a WC as a gift , Gensse = now trains at FFT and clay player qualifies last year, Texeira Ouanna Olivetti and many others.

I think we have to wait a bit to see how the clay season is if some guys do well but as usual not easy to tell who deserve a WC
The cutoff comes on April 23 this season, so luckily Adrian has an extra week than he normally would. Paulo definitely will get a WC and not use his PR. Rufin will get one, and Ouanna will probably get one as of right now since he's the one having the best results of all of the lower-ranked Frenchman and he's had good performances there in the past.

The rest are toss-ups. Arno is more likely to get one than any of the other veterans (Robert, Prodon, Gicquel, Serra) and the unproven youngsters (DeSchepper, Olivetti). His results overall are the best of all these players so far this season and FFT has consistently been there for him in terms of wildcards. But as you said, we have to see how the clay season works out before making final statements.
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