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Re: Why Do You Prefer Mens Tennis over Women's Tennis?

Personally, I don't prefer anything over anything, I just like good tennis. With that said, Azarenka has become my favorite WTA player, although I've always liked her. Azarenka and the Italian girls, plus Medina are my favorites.

Anyway, what ANNOYS THE HECK out of me is how Azarenka is called a pusher on the WTA forum. What the fuck? Also the hardcore WTA fans seem to focus on personality as much if not more than the tennis, which also annoys me. Azarenka is the best thing to happen to the WTA tour in a long time as she gives women's tennis LEGITIMACY. Azarenka is basically a Djokovic clone. Yeah, she doesn't play big babe tennis, she plays a brand of tennis that is actually better to watch than seeing players flailing at the ball with dismal footwork and technique and ballbashing themselves into a loss with over 50 errors. Azarenka is one of the few WTA players that play TENNIS and she's a determined, professional individual. So that's something that upsets me about WTA fans regarding their #1.
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