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Re: 2012 FITD Management Thread


After investigating the issues that Thunderfish had with the Miami spreadsheet, I have noticed a major mistake in the formulas for the 128 player stats page.

ALL columns that look like this need to have a number higher than 160 after $IU$, I had 144 which wasn't big enough for it to do the auto-calculate.


In most of the other sheets I just added a 2 to make 2144 or 2145, etc. But must have forgot this one...

I am uploading the fixed version to Keep&Share, but if you want to do the fix yourself, the only thing needed changing is the $IU$ number to 160 or higher. Like this:


I noticed there is a problem also in the first 1 or 2 rows in the 32 draw sheet. Exactly the same problem, the number is too small. But only for the first few Positiions. The 64 draw sheet is fine and most of 32 draw sheet.
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