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In the striplight - tripwires (4000 ajde posts as well)

I'm not as GOAT as Andrey so I had to take the two pictures separately. If you combine the two pictures together you sort of get the illusion I am holding the sign up. Yes, the picture was taken in the toilet at work when I was having hiding there having my customary 15 minute power nap.

Here is a personally signed wrapper of your favourite chocolates also:

1. Are you actually a closet gut-tard?
2. How have you managed to withstand Action Jackson's GOAT powers of seduction?
3. How many infractions/death threats a day do you receive for your avatar?
4. Approximately what percentage of Andrey's bogan accent could you comprehend? IMO hes arousing moans from Hass' slice were more expressive.
5. What is my manliest feature besides my gut?
6. Is Sweet Cleo your double account? This thread has blown your cover: Excessive use of the word "ajde"
7. How has your life changed since you made your debut post in the Castle? When is CD giving you your title?
8. Ajde?
9. On a scale of 9.99 to 10 how GOAT am I?
10. Describe your perfect farm animal.
11. Why did you choose a hotel that had an uphill incline to the reception?
12. What is your favourite word out of the many I overuse?
13. Out of the Krispy Kreme dude, the Koko Black waiter and my dad, who was the cutest?
14. Were you serious when you said pretentiously cut up fruit tastes better?
15. Do you enjoy having a whipped vpartner?
16. Do you realise that you're the only person in the world that still looks perfect while donning a FG cap?
17. Are you impressed that I randomized the order of my questions so the 43 filler questions weren't as blatant?
18. Which chat thread should be ajde-ize next?
19. Were you embarrassed walking in public within 20 metres of me?
20. Are you only friends with me because you like my parents?
21. Can you comprehend how someone can write 50 questions of such shit quality in a single post?
22. How do you stop yourself from instantly proposing to a man who is donning the Crocs + Socks combo?
23. How disgruntled are you that these questions are not multiple choice?
24. Do you understand why Radek Stepanek chooses to play tennis when he could be a Victoria's Secret model?
25. Could you identify any objects in my room that an actual practical person would think of buying?
26. Would you have been a Hasstard if you were aware of his achievements in my signature when you were choosing what type of tard you wanted to grow up to be?
27. Why does my CP have no good reps from you and instead only a bad rep from your Sweet Cleo account?
28. Were you impressed by my walking speed or were you too distracted because I was just a blur?
29. Was my premium account the thing that attracted you to me initially?
30. Are you going to preorder the blu ray edition of Lu Vs Serra?
31. Were you taken a back by my feminine aura when you first saw me?
32. How many times did you have to refer to your dictionary when reading the book I gave you?
33. What is your favourite post of mine?
34. Have you gotten over the fact that your gimp cheerleader forgot to vote for you in the SF of Miss MTF?
35. Are you going to procrastinate on answering these questions because they are too GOAT?
36. Were you just being polite when you didn't ask Andrey if he had Leprosy?
37. Did you refrain from spending $107 to watch Rogi Vs Ivo in the back row because you felt guilty about taking advantage of such a bar bar bargain?
38. How many typos and examples of dire English are there in this post?
39. When you were first born were you happy with how your fringe looked?
40. If you don't believe in God how do you explain how beautiful you are?
41. How devastated are you that that Bilbo is interested in Raquel but not you?
42. Do you watch the 2008 RG final everyday during your lunch break?
43. Would you marry a guy whose surname sounded like a constipated grunt?
44. Do you know which plastic surgeon Rogi used for his GOAT left arm?
45. Are you impressed that every photo of Rogi has been photoshopped so that we can actually see his face behind his nose?
46. Do you think death by Inception poster is an impressive way to die?
47. Do you make all your dinner companions eat the food you wrongly ordered due to lack of basic reading comprehension?
50. Is your level of arousal directly proportionate to the length of a guy's sentences?


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