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Re: Trayvon Martin support/discussion thread.

Black, white, Spanish, American-Indian, remember when I told you that a few months ago

I know that the first feeling of emotion should be sadness in a case like this, and I've felt that, I've nearly cried thinking about it, but the first feeling I got from this case was just..............this is fucking PATHETIC. That word just sticks in my head. Pathetic. It's incredibly pathetic that this happened, that George Zimmerman hasn't and really, let's get real, he will not be charged unless it's decided that the backlash from murdering yet another minority individual without cause is too much to bare, and it's pathetic that all it takes is being black with a hoodie on to get you shot in America in the year 2012. Our guns laws are beyond pathetic, America's obsession with solving problems with violence is pathetic, our countries' regressive societal ways of thinking is pathetic. It's like we haven't learned a fucking thing.
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