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Re: Trayvon Martin support/discussion thread.

He will not fucking die in vain. This 17 year old child from Sanford, Florida, who celebrated his birthday just three weeks prior to being shot and killed, while unarmed, carrying a bag of skittles for his stepbrother and Arizona iced-tea, by an unofficial neighborhood watch volunteer by the name of George Zimmerman, a Hispanic 28-year-old man who used the words coons while making the 911 call to police to report Trayvon as suspicious, stalked Trayvon with a gun for several blocks, and who was specifically told by the police to wait until they arrived to take any action and had pre-determined that Trayvon was a criminal solely because he was a black man in a hoodie, has sparked a national outrage and a discussion on race-issues not just in America, but across the country. As a gay man who is mixed, this affects me in SOOOOOO many profound ways. First of all, because I know DAMN well that if I lived in a state like Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, hell even in rural Virginia and not in Richmond, that the same could happen to me. Stereotyped for my skin color. And although this isn't a gay hate case, what it is, is a hate crime. And as a gay man, I know DAMN well in these same areas, I would basically be in hell being openly gay. Trayvon Martin, who had no criminal record and was an honor student, dreamed of being pilot when he grew up and flew to various locations throughout the United States with his mother on school holidays. His dreams were taken away from him in the blink of an eye, solely because he is black.

I'm tired, people. I'm tired of hearing stories of MY people being murdered, attacked, spit on, solely because of who they are. It's time to stand up, it's time to speak out, it's time for all of us to do our part and fix things. Things have to change.

This thread is for all those who want to send their memories out to Trayvon, send their well wishes to the family/friends of Trayvon, as well as discuss the merits of what happened, the consequences that should come with what has transpired, social and cultural issues revolving around race, violence, guns and whatever else comes to mind, latest news reports on the story at hand, gun laws in America and in the world and whether you think they are too restrictive/too unrestricted and the SELF-DEFENSE STAND YOUR GROUND law that is being used as the reason why Mr. Zimmerman killed this child, a law in 22 American states that allows individuals to kill if they feel threatened without any potential prosecution, meaning that Mr. Zimmerman has not been arrested nor charged with any crime in this case and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Whatever it is about this story and others similar, whatever your thoughts regarding whatever comes to mind when reading/thinking about this tragedy, this is the place to air those thoughts. Please keep it civil and respect the deceased individual in this situation and his family. Thank you.

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