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Re: Stalin's famines and the British Empire's famines

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
once again your reading skills show that they're in great need of improvement. i never accused "the winston you know" of causing the irish famine. merely said he was responsible for the death of millions of people who starved in the programmed scheme of the famines caused by the british empire.

My reading skills are fine. I knew exactly where you were going with this. What you try to do every time - and then you abandon the thread when you are called on it.

You write a paragraph that refers to Stalin's genocides, Indian famines, Irish famines and Winston Churchill. Then when I call you on it you say, ''but I never said Churchill had anything to do with the Irish famine. The fact that they are mentioned in the same sentence does not mean the two are related''.
You are like a broken record with this. So please, one more time ''what famine did Winston Churchill directly order?'' Or will you now deny saying that Winston Churchill ordered a famine?


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