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Re: What do you feel about Filo V's current avatar?

Originally Posted by Roger the Dodger View Post
I would say, get done with Religion but don't disgrace a noble soul. Respect every individual as an individual and for what they are - therefore respect Jesus too, because he was one in a billion. Perhaps the only good thing that comes from the decadence of religion is that people will be free of dogmas and morals, but they will still need examples, still need inspiration, and to strip away the dignity of the visionaries and leaders tantamounts to stripping your own.

The destiny of a human being is to be stuck between Doghood and Godhood. We all feel it, don't we? Yet, no matter how much we are rooted to our base instincts, we also habitually gaze upwards, towards higher qualities like Love, Hope, Delight, Wonder, Knowledge, Innovation, Imagination, Intuition, Charisma etc. The last thing one should do is defame those who show us the brighter side of life and bring them to our low-level. This was the original criteria for religion: To not mix up the two because the chances of falling are always higher than the chances of rising. Hence, creating separate places of worship, etc.

But everything is mixed up now, with ritualistic followers and trigger-happy fundamentalists, which is why religion is a done-and-dusted institution.

My verdict - respect Jesus the Individual; down with Religion. Jesus was a great, great and rare noble birth, and our chat-room hero needs to grow up and not hurt the sentiments of his more liberal followers.
Why didn't you write "his more liberal followers need to grow up and not have their sentiments hurt by our chat-room hero"?

Everyone's entitled to feel any way they want. I am not religious, but I recognise the power and virtue of the message attributed to Jesus. If he existed, he must have been a very wise and enlightened man. Yet I could not bring myself to be offended by a caricature of him showing the middle finger. For one, because depictions of people on the internet are close to the bottom of my list of important stuff. And secondly because I fail to see how that belittles Jesus.

Originally Posted by philosophicalarf View Post
Armstrong says in-competition testing will never catch anyone, only out-of-competition testing and the blood passport can.

Tennis has no blood passport system, and does basically no out of competition testing.

The methods and drugs used by Armstrong in 1999 would work in tennis right now, with zero chance of being caught (not slightly surprising to anyone familiar with the topic, btw).
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