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Re: What do you feel about Filo V's current avatar?

Originally Posted by Roger the Dodger View Post
You say you are not anti-Jesus but are doing things which are anti-Jesus.
Let us not forget that Jesus is a disputed character, not a living person. To an atheist, saying you're anti-Jesus is like saying you're anti-Gnomes (at least in terms of the supernatural attributes).

Don't self-contradict yourself.
I chuckled.

The pleas are valid. This is liberal public forum open to all people from the world. And as with every community, you need to be careful about what can be brought openly in public. Don't misuse its liberal ideology to suit your theories. You want to walk naked in the boulevard. Well, you might want to, but if the laws restrict you; you will be led away. You can't say 'this is how I am and all of you have to accept me as I am.' Its about communal harmony. Everything is not accepted everywhere. If you wanna go nude, go to a nudist beach. There it wouldn't be a crime.

Similarly, this is not some underground anti-Christ forum. There your avatar might have been valid because you would be among your lot. But to most people, Jesus is a revered saint and to publicly humiliate him is to humiliate those who believe in him.
To most people where? In the world? Wrong. This is an international forum. Not that it would matter much in any case.

Tell me, would you have the audacity to do what you did, to Mohammed? You wouldn't. It would make headline news. They'd track down your IP, send a man of your own religion to your doorstep, and chop those pretty fingers running mayhem on a keypad and there'd be no middle finger to show anyone. Jesus is a soft target, and Christians are more liberal, and hence your show of false courage, chat-room hero.
And who would be to blame for Filo V's loss of their digital appendixes if he were to sport a Muhammed avatar? Filo V? Or the insanely oversensitive Muslims?

It takes two people for an offence to take place: the offender and the offended person. Why, I ask, should the blame always fall on the offender? Why is the offendee somehow never held responsible?

Originally Posted by philosophicalarf View Post
Armstrong says in-competition testing will never catch anyone, only out-of-competition testing and the blood passport can.

Tennis has no blood passport system, and does basically no out of competition testing.

The methods and drugs used by Armstrong in 1999 would work in tennis right now, with zero chance of being caught (not slightly surprising to anyone familiar with the topic, btw).
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