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Stalin's famines and the British Empire's famines

When talking about famines, the name of Stalin usually pops up as the monster of history responsible for the deaths of millions, famously with his purges but also for his 'man made' famines, in particular Ukranian Holodomor which many recognise as a deliberate attempt to destroy a population (i.e. genocide). arguments still rage about whether this was the case, or whether it was simply an effect of Stalin's policies, but I don't think anyone can argue Stalin had little regard for the lives of millions.

So why are the famines in India and Ireland (among others) done by the British empire not regarded in such fashion? There were similar policies, similar hatreds for the subject populations, similar exporting of food despite widespread famine and similar leaders who directly ordered this, Winston Churchill being one who is responsible for the death of millions and yet is regarded to this day with high acclaim in Britain.

in the west, most people like to point their accusing fingers at others by they're not very prone to take a look on their mirrors. hypocrisy, as i've said on countless ocassions, is rampant.

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