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Re: My eating habits.

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
Dude, if you're gonna have so much pasta, all those carbs, you gotta burn it off. Go running, lift weights, play an hour or two of tennis or something. Otherwise, it's gonna turn to fat
I have been...........I've gone out the past like 4 days to walk around and get my body moving. Especially since pasta gives me energy, since carbs=sugar, and yes, I know pasta can be extremely fattening so I've had to essentially force myself to start mini-exercising to off-set that. The downside is that I've been going to sleep later because I feel less tired at night

And definitely don't eat right before going to bed, that's the worst. But also make sure you don't go to bed starving, as that is also unhealthy.

Me, I like to eat a good hour or two before bed, and when I wake up, I've lost more than when I don't eat at all.
I never eat past 8:00 PM and I usually like to go to sleep around midnight, so definitely agree to never eat before going to bed. I always drink some water about an hour before bed and then right when I wake up to clean my insides and also to self-hydrate.
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