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Re: When did these players begin their decline in your opinon

Originally Posted by Allez View Post
Are you telling us his movement & footwork (the pillars of his greatness) are even better at 30 than say at 25/26?
Nope. I said no such thing. Try reading again and you'll get there eventually.

Winning no name tournaments in the last six months does not make this Roger EQUAL or BETTER than 2006/2007 Roger.
I'm not looking at tournament wins. I'm looking at his play and his competition. He is playing every bit as well as he ever has. Of course I don't expect everyone to agree, since there is nothing Roger could possibly do at this point to convince you that he is playing at a peak level right now. He could dominate for the next 5 years and I have no doubt people would rattle on about him still being 5% slower or some other unprovable bullshit.

And since when are the TMC and (probably) IW 'no name tournaments'? I can't abide posters who act as though there are only 4 tournaments that matter. If you truly believe that, fuck off and watch some other sport for the other 40 or so weeks.

Go back and watch the old vids and see what Roger could do on court because quite clearly you have forgotten.
Unlike MTF generally, I actually have a long term memory. I've seen Roger at his best and his worst. Rewatching old matches that I have seen multiple times won't change my opinion.

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