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Re: WWW Indian Wells SF: Nadal vs Federer

This thread is comedic gold. How can the world's biggest Fed hater place such a large wager on Federer and then win?! Does. Not. Compute.

I believe that Start Da Game's wager short-circuited the natural order of the universe and truly, the tennis deities out there decided to let Federer win just to mess with his mind.

Trolling is defined by Herring as baiting and luring others into pointless and time-consuming discussions.

4 criteria of trolls:

1. Appearance of outward sincerity.
2. Posts designed to incite anger or "flames"
3. Posts designed to waste everybody's time with useless argument
4. Desperate desire for attention, any attention at all

Recognize them, don't engage and put 'em on your ignore list where they belong. Feed a troll and you're just encouraging their attention-seeking.
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