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Re: In the spotlight - leng jai

Originally Posted by GOAT = Fed View Post
ok mate here's a few questions:

1). What does the meaning leng jai entail?

2). Do you feel any guilt flirting with chicks in Australia knowing innocent trip is 100s of miles away oblivious to your ways?

3). How many posters of Tommy Haase have you got in your room?

4). Do you feel envious of Haase's wife?

5). Your opinion on Haase being excluded from Top Spin 4? Currently the beet tennis sim on the planet.

6). Do you maintain a 'badman' image in real life?

7). Your opinion on the best in the world (AKA me)?

1. It means handsome man in Cantonese. Pretty fitting name amirite? Ajde.

2. Firstly, I haven't even laid eyes on a woman since I met Strip. Mother Leng hasn't seen her son for months. Secondly, I wouldn't feel bad at all considering Strip has been flirting incessantly with Start Da Ajde in GM and AJ in Attention Seekers.

3. Hass has never won a slam therefore no posters of him even exist.

4. She had sex with him so this seems like a wasted question.

5. Hass has been in every tennis game under the sun except TS4. I was pretty fucking pissed - now I use Nole as my main player Do you play on Sexbox or PS3? The OP has given up playing me because he was sick of eating bagels.

6. I've got a badman image on MTF? You should ask Strip what image I portray in real life.

7. I find you mildly arousing, despite not knowing what you look like. Your posts seem to emanate a vibe I find quite desirable.


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