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Re: IW QF: Nadal def. Nalbandian 4-6 7-5 6-4

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
I wonder why people hype Nalbandian so much, yes, he's a clean ballstriker but chokes on his own sweat time and time again, hell even Juan was able to get shit done in GS unlike this guy.

Great backhand, good ROS, not much else (now watch his tards saying that his FH is the stuff of legends and that Edberg wishes he had his volleys )
Nalbandian's touch at the net? His dropshots? His lobs?

Yes, Nalbandian's had his fair share of "stupid" moments (with the dropshots and lobs), but his style is something else. I think too many folks buy too heavily into the image of him as a choker and a slacker (which to an extent, is a fair analysis of him), but cutting down his talents as a tennis player is treading into dangerous territory. While he will forever be remembered by the public as an underachiever, it speaks to his accomplishments & capabilities (his top 3 ranking, the year-end championship win over Fed in 2005, the numerous wins over Fed & Nadal in his prime) that people still watch him to this day. You can laugh at Nalbandian all you want, but there aren't too many other players who could push Rafa to 3 sets on a slower court and expose Rafa's weaknesses, while making him gut it out for the win. Yes, Nalbandian had some severe brain cramps at the very important moments, but not too many other players would have done enough to bring themselves to even face those very important moments.

You can say Nalbandian lacked the mental fortitude/attitude, but to cast him aside as nothing more than a
"great BH + ROS, but nothing else" is equally questionable. Maybe you ought to watch more of his matches...

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