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Re: IW QF: Nadal def. Nalbandian 4-6 7-5 6-4

Originally Posted by Sunset of Age View Post
I wasn't able to watch the match.

But when you see the scoreline, when you read the comments, all one can say is... Nalbandian.

Expected Rafa to take him in straights though. Can any sort-of-objective poster please inform me about his level of play?
He was quite bad, especially in the first set, you could see that he is giving too much respect and is afraid of Nalbandian's game, he was not comfortable and he was going for more than needed. Funny thing is that Nalby didn't even played good in that set too, except for a couple of scary good points near the end of the set
In the second they both raised their level, but David was the one with more chances and had slightly upper hand, BP in the opening game 0:30 on 4:3, 30:30 on 5:4, Nadal was a bit lucky there, a line clipping and a net cord and after that Nalbandian really fucked it up, easy put away volley, drop shot attempt and a DF.
In the third the argie just went away for a while, but Nadal gave him a big chance to get back in the match.

Originally Posted by oracle View Post
Is there animosity between these two? Naldy gave the lawnmower man a cold stare at the net, then rafa went and rubbed his back and whispered something to him.

Good heart from Naldy. Still hoping for nadal to regain his 2010 form but he's got a way to go. Nevertheless he'll gain some confidence beating fed tomorrow.
Nope, they are excellent friends off the court. Nadal has big respect for him, and when it comes to Nalbandian, I doubt he has much respect for anyone's game and he does look like he is afraid of no one, but he is usually battling with his his inner demons regardless of the opponent, that is why he had such a big wins over top players and big looses against journeymen in the past.

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
Yes, stop living in 2007, it's 2012 now. This Nalbandian can't play much better than this.
Watch a match against Tipsarevic just a couple of days ago.

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