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Re: There is no finish line...

The only relevant Agassi records are the golden slam, total career HC grand slam wins (127 vs 124), overall tour wins, (870 vs 827), overall HC wins (598 vs 512), overall outdoor wins (702 vs 610),

He has a shot at number 2 on the grass wins (he's just 17 behind McEnroe), if he does well at Wimbly and plays Halle. It's the only record earned from his 'generation' of Tennis that he doesn't own (thanks to Hewitt being 3 ahead).

Hewitt's actually 8th all time.

Fed also needs just 3 more indoor wins to get on the top 10 list.

Federer - Emperor of the Slams, King of Hard, King of Grass, Lord of the Australian Open, Lord of Wimbledon.

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