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Re: Financial clusterfuck in Europe

well, in jimmy's defense, i do believe the whole risk taking thing is quintessentially american. that's what made the growth of the whole information technology sector possible. there's a reason why apple, google and facebook were founded in california - instead of bavaria, lombardy or brittany.

then again, narrowing it down is obviously complicated. nothing "genetic" about it. in fact, most big players in silicon valley are either first - or second-generation immigrants, hardly the average representative of the us of a.

add to that stuff like the huge homogenous market. give sweden ~ 300 mil people and its new media sector would easily match america's. when it comes to patents and trademarks, per capita most european countries easily outdistance america anyways (so do japan and several other asian countries). the one thing truly american is the all-out perfection in marketing and branding. nobody will touch them on that. ever.
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