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Re: Truth and Fiction.

The difference between a professional bitch like me, and basic bitches like the French clown above, who is a follower and a loser who makes absolutely zero impact whatsoever on this forum, is that when I don't like someone, I don't talk to them. I cut you off. I ignore you, because you're beneath me, I'm above you, and you're not worth me talking to. I don't get hung up on people. That's petty. That shows you're still butt hurt, you're still salty and emotional. Trying to rain on the parade of someone else, bring them down to feel better about ones' self. That's what happens when you lack self-respect, and when you lack anything in your life to hang your hat on. You have to drag others down to your level to make yourself feel important.

I don't do that. You know what they say, when you sleep with the dogs, you may just catch fleas? Best way to avoid that is by avoiding ALL dogs. Do that, both in RL and on this forum, everywhere, and you'll be in a significantly better position and much happier in life. Remove all negative bitches from your existence and don't give a single fuck about them.
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