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Re: Financial clusterfuck in Europe

Originally Posted by Rrrainer View Post
so in 2008, back when lehman went bust, you would have wanted the governments to stand idly by?

just imagine for one second what the world would look like today. imagine the scope of the crisis IF politicians across the board hadn't swooped in and at the very least averted a meltdown of epic proportions. we're in crisis mode alright, but chances were we could've headed straight into the 18th century (with the us and the uk leading the pack), with nations collapsing left and right and poverty rates skyrocketing.

yes, governments spent to much. but someone had to bail out the world. it's the banks that virtually sunk the balance sheets in the first place.

btw i know what that "stable" meant. still kinda funny to me.

"our current judgement says: you suck. our outlooks says: you will still suck in the future."
only a decent democracy can survive the power that has swung to the money masters...

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why are you so seriously
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