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Personally, I don't see Fred as a consistent top 50 player, but top 75, yes. He doesn't have a huge strength but he also doesn't have a huge weakness when playing well. Everything he does, outside of his backhand, with is pretty mediocre most of the time (he's got an OK slice BH and when he's confident it's a decent shot) is between adequate and good. His serve at times is good but is usually average/adequate. His forehand, his movement, his court craft, they are all OK but not overwhelming. To me, that limits his potential but he's also solid, in that when he's going right he plays right at that "decent" level and makes players rise above that to beat him. That makes Fred tough for guys ranked 50 and below and sometimes higher-ranked players; they don't have the ability to play at that high a level for an extended period.

He just have to continue believing in his abilities and the wins will come. What he's done for Portuguese tennis is something I know Portuguese tennis fans will always respect. He's broken territory that hasn't been seen with the sport in terms of tennis. I know how proud he is to be a Portuguese player and one of the best ones ever. And he always plays his best when he has the Portuguese fans cheering him on. He seems like a really down to earth guy and that's one of the reasons I've always liked him.
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