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Re: Your buddy/ignore list!

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
Agreed. Too bad he's a Castletard.

I think so far he's a Castler and nothing more. There is a difference. Not all Castlers are Castletards. Wise teachings. A Tibetan monk would not have phrased it better.

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
I don't make a list really. Many have their strengths/weaknesses and most everyone has their biases. I do think MTF considers itself so starved for non-trolling posts that anyone who takes his time to type a few sentences or more in a semi-reasonable tone gets severely hyped in the opposite way. masterclass is interested enough to make long, detailed posts but a lot of his analysis seems superfluous to me. Tennis is far simpler than he makes it out to be,imo.
It would be nice and helpful to have a few names of some of the ones you value more than masterclass.
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