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Re: The King of 100 Titles : The Great Swiss Assassin

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
I'm happy CD.
I was kinda nervous for this match, but Fed did well. 72 is a big number.
Now, you were so confident about your prediction, and you know this is MTF. In case of a fail, all the Anti-Fed army would be insulting you and the Pro-Fed army would call you a jinxer.
But you succeed and you were always IN with your prediction, even if the whole forum was against it.

Well played, sir. You always had my respect, and today I'm so ok with that.

This thread is a lucky one, we need to keep it up
Not the whole forum... Mr. viruzzz And yes, CD also had it right...

"'s the obvious, really."
One, Mr. Federer outclassed Murray. 16 majors to 0, 9 on hard courts.
Doesn't matter if he hasn't won one a major recently, class sticks...and shows when the going gets tough.

Two, don't bet against Federer when conditions are faster and not high bouncing.

Three, Mr. Federer played a much tougher draw against tougher good fast court players than either Djokovic or Murray did.
When it came time to fight today, Murray would have benefited from stronger performances by Berdych and/or Djokovic.
This is very important for a player if they are going to have to fight later. Last year, Djokovic had a tougher road to the final and Federer had a very easy one, which hurt him, and Djokovic spanked him.

Federer had his ups and downs in the match on return. Did he get some help from Murray as well? Sure, but Federer's good service put a lot of pressure on Murray. Federer's serve was mostly impeccable, except for the solitary game where he played poorly at first, then Murray played brilliantly to break. But Federer quickly recovered his composure, which is something he wasn't able to do last year through the US Open, but has done it recently on several occasions where he has had to fight for the victory, and even in defeat like when he lost the Nadal match in the Australian Open this year. This has helped him toughen up.

Mr. Federer is on a roll right now. His wins are giving him more confidence. Since the US Open he has 33 wins out of 35 tour singles matches, with losses only to Nadal, and John Isner in the Davis Cup fiasco, and 6 titles (5 if you don't include the Davis cup win).
5 - 7 titles this year is well within his grasp, and a major is always possible, if he keeps this up. But not right away. Now starts the slow court season, which favors Mr. Nadal and Mr. Djokovic. He'll be happy to see them fight it out a few times, with Murray also in the mix, and if he can come out of it with a single title at the faster clay court in Madrid, and protect most of his other points through Roland Garros, I would think he will be happy and be in good stead for a grass attack.

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