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Re: My eating habits.

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
I think more than an eating disorder you have an obsession with looking good, narcissism and you care too much about what people think about your looks.
I agree with your first point, I do have an obsession with looking good. But what I will say is: Is there a problem with being concerned with how others see you? I want to look presentable and attractive. I don't want to be considered ugly. I want men to hit on me and I want to be seen as attractive. I don't really see the problem in that and don't consider it narcissistic to wish to be attractive with all the benefits that come with being attractive. Being hot has so many pluses and also helps with self-esteem, so why shouldn't anyone do their part to focus on this?

For what I can see here, people eat too little LOL, I have lots of vegetables, seafood and like to make most things from scratch if I can but since I grew up with a Mediterranean diet and I exercise quite a bit + my metabolism being fast then I can pretty much eat what I want (even if I really don't like greasy food but for the taste) without thinking "OMG THIS IS GOING TO MY HIPS!"
You don't seem to have too unhealthy a diet, and you work out. Plus you make food from scratch which SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the unhealthy factor of a lot of foods that would be more unhealthy otherwise; fewer trans fats, fewer additives and preservatives. I should make more food from scratch so I can enjoy food I like without worrying about my weight when eating it.

Honestly, you would die knowing what I eat daily
I'd probably freak out majorly

It is important to look good FOR YOURSELF but when your self-esteem is only linked to that, you know you have a problem, and it's not like BITCH PLEASE I DO WHAT I WANT, cutting up so much in your meals might give you health issues like gastritis.
Eh............we all have our things that make us tick. For me and others, it's our looks. I don't consider that a negative thing.

I know it's unhealthy to cut foods out the way I have and cut the amount I eat per day. It's all a plus/minus system. Pluses=I lose weight and maintain my face structure and ab definition. Minuses=I don't feel as well physically and am causing potential irreversible health damage. As of right now, my priorities leads me to accept the pluses and deal with the minuses. Is that necessarily a good thing? Probably not at the end of the day. But I look good, so quite frankly, it's worth it to me.

Learn to like more things about yourself than being just a pretty boy (BTW: most of the skinny ones are really unappealing for both sexes) and try to enjoy food, not suffer through it.
I like other aspects of myself, but it's my looks that are going to get me places. Sex sells. It's 2012. You have to be bringing more to the table than being a nice guy to make it, and I have the ace in my back pocket: my looks, plus I love looking good, so it's really just a perfect storm that has come together that leads me to focus on my appearance as much as I do. However, I agree that the skinny look isn't really in. I've lost almost all of my fat and now it's time to tone up and gain some sexy definition with my abs, chest, arms and legs. Plus I want to improve my ass and make it thicker.

I enjoy what I eat, I like eating, but I don't like eating more than I like being attractive and I'm willing to make sacrifices to maintain my appearance.
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