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Re: My eating habits.

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
actually a lot of people become exercise junkies -- you get a kind of high from working out (once you get conditioned and used to it). So it doesn't feel like work at all. I've been in that place (though god knows I'm not there right now -- far from it ) and it really is a good feeling. You feel mighty.
Yeah, I know about exercise junkies, plenty of them in the gay community We call them gym bunnies, basically the guys that are the most drooled over, spend their afternoons in the gym working on their bodies to look perfect, and have magical muscle tone and form. The problem is that I'm so incredibly lazy, and that for me to actually maintain this routine, I'd need to be motivated in what I'm doing. If I don't really want to do something I won't do it or I'll make myself do it, but not nearly as well as I could/should. I have no motivation to go to the gym at all, but I'll have to force myself to do it, so we'll see if I can develop some sort of motivation surrounding it.

Then again, given how obsessively you control your eating, maybe you're aware that you would become an obsessed fitness nut who ends up overtraining, so that's why you stay away from it.
In fact, interesting you said this, when I was training, and going to the gym and doing cardio exercises at home, I'd overdo it all the time. I was going to the gym and doing at-home exercise a fair bit last summer, through October/November or so...............and I was eating more foods. I would have sushi, bananas, more eggs, I had apple sauce, baked beans and lasagna. I ate turkey, stuffing and mac-n-cheese during Thanksgiving. The thing is, I would eat this, and then I'd run for 30 minutes-1 hour, then do a lot of cardio and some strength training. So I'd work out for like 2 hours overall, or at least until I got lightheaded and until basically I was physically maxed out. I'd push myself beyond my limits, and if I didn't work out after eating foods that I considered less healthy, I'd feel like shit afterward, physically, emotionally and mentally. Then I just stopped doing it, and started eating less instead and changing my diet plan even more, eliminating most foods, and including more apples, strawberries, green food more often. I don't really know why I stopped, it wasn't like I consciously chose to do so, but it was pretty abrupt, and I haven't picked it back up.

As long as I have my six-pack and thin face, I couldn't really care less about anything else. That is my entire motivation, and whichever way I can maintain these features and improve them is what I will do.
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