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Re: Truth and Fiction.

Originally Posted by Arkulari View Post
It's a matter of taste, you might have a very high ideal of beauty but other people just like normal looking people (otherwise 90% of the planet would never find a relationship of any kind)
The thing is, though, I actually don't consider my standards extraordinarily high. But the way I see attractiveness is hot or not hot. Most people have a "type" or numbers system. I don't. I just look at a person, and if I could see myself having sex with them, then that's what makes that person hot to me. A lot of people here are attractive, but on the same token, a lot of people here are just whatever looking. So when I see others acting as if they're Gods, I don't understand it and I do think people do it trying to be nice, when instead either saying nothing or being honest is nicer than being fake and allowing someone to get big headed, and set that person up for an inevitable crash to reality.
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