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Re: Soderking Chat Thread vol.1

I don't know. For Ancic it was the same that he was super-tired but then when it let up he fought back quite fast. Mono hit him early 2007 and he played through it in Rotterdam and got a similar total breakdown like Robin. By US Open the same year he was back. By October he reached Masters QF. In Marseilles 2008 he reached the final despite also been suffering a stomach virus losing 9kgs in addition to mono. By Wimbledon he was right back at top20 but then the mono returned.

I think Soderling is closer to comeback than his interview might hint but it wouldn't be that stupid to wait until the US Open series either where he can go in without anything to defend and a ranking so low that any win at all would be a big boost.

But in my dream 2012 scenario he sees a breakthrough in the recovery and comes back for Madrid and Rome and then plays the golden trifecta of RG/Wimbledon and Olympics.

Most reasonable case might be returning for either Båstad in July or Stockholm Open in October depending on which one he is ready for. Then he can stay home and workout and get all kinds of special perks and training help as he got home advantage and will get everything he asks for.

Worst case he calls of the season. Then I feel career could be over because if the progress isn't enough in a full year to even attempt a comeback he probably never should, for his own health's sake

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