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Re: My eating habits.

I think more than an eating disorder you have an obsession with looking good, narcissism and you care too much about what people think about your looks.

For what I can see here, people eat too little LOL, I have lots of vegetables, seafood and like to make most things from scratch if I can but since I grew up with a Mediterranean diet and I exercise quite a bit + my metabolism being fast then I can pretty much eat what I want (even if I really don't like greasy food but for the taste) without thinking "OMG THIS IS GOING TO MY HIPS!"

Honestly, you would die knowing what I eat daily

It is important to look good FOR YOURSELF but when your self-esteem is only linked to that, you know you have a problem, and it's not like BITCH PLEASE I DO WHAT I WANT, cutting up so much in your meals might give you health issues like gastritis.

Learn to like more things about yourself than being just a pretty boy (BTW: most of the skinny ones are really unappealing for both sexes) and try to enjoy food, not suffer through it.

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