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Re: Truth and Fiction.

Originally Posted by Yves. View Post
Because you choose a life that revolves around yourself. With your IQ you could be doing great things in science (don't care in what field) but you choose for life that entertains you, you don't challenge yourself. I have a much lower IQ (117) and I try real hard at university to finish my studies, do my masters, and really try to understand the world (I study history).
I don't want nor need to challenge myself, because I have what I need at my disposal. I have the card in my pocket to pull whenever I choose. And that's my face and my looks in general. My grandparents are disappointed in me, my aunt thinks I'm wasting my life away, you aren't the first person to say these things about me, by a long shot. But I'm living my life as I see fit, and that's what really matters. I don't need to live my life according to what others believe I should do or should be. It's not their position to tell me how to live. Life is all about having fun and doing what you want to do.
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