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Re: Truth and Fiction.

Originally Posted by Filo V. View Post
My admitted dumbassness didn't allow me to know who you were but now I're Shambritfan, I think that was your name. And you called me the f-bomb twice in the ACC thread and attacked me on numerous occasions. You're an antagonist and you always try to make funny jokes and fail miserably. There is no fresh start, I can't stand you now, but maybe you can make amends.

I am not straight. Vagina to me is gross. Period. I look at a vagina, and it disgusts me. No offense to women at all, but that's the reality. I've fucked around 6 girls, and I have some attraction to women; but I am progressively becoming more and more gay as my life continues. Men are more attractive than women to me, on average. The shape of men, the energy and aura of a hot man, the face, it's just what I need. And, of course, I addickted to cock.
Nah, that wasn't my name.. understandable that you forgot though.

To be fair I fail miserably BEFORE making the jokes..

f-bomb aye? You must mean Flyfag. That I did, and I should really have been banned for that instead of you and your mild quips, but obviously the mods are unable to appreciate your open and honest personality.

6 girls? That's about 6-7 more than me.. =/

So someone recently informed me that my sig was empty. Said I needed a life affirming motivational quote by a positive role model like Einstein or Oscar Wilde...

Great tip to stay fit and mobile: If you run up and down the stairs two steps at a time at least once daily, there will never come a time when you can't do it. Until of course one day you mistime a step, collapse and break all your bones... That would suck. But you had a good run.

-Drunk Fitness nerd at the gym
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