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Re: "Speed up the courts" thread

Originally Posted by leng jai View Post
Are you really trying to say Federer has benefited from grass slowing down? How does a fast court player benefit from a court slowing down? How does a does a player who prefers low balls on the backhand benefit from higher bounces?

Every Nole and Rafito tard claims they would play differently if the courts were different. You make it sound like they are tennis magicians who click their fingers and tailor games to perfectly complement any conditions. Its especially laughable when you take into account how limited their games are. They have one type of game that they excel at and not much else. What would they do differently on old grass? Would Nadal suddenly turn into Wayne Arthurs on serve? Would Nole be a serve and volley master? I don't think so. Why do you think Agassi's career grand slam is so revered - because it was a fucken hard thing to achieve in the era he did it in. How many players were good at every slam pre 2003? Barely anyone. Why? Almost everyone played a similar game on each surface and did the best on the one which suited their game the most.
who said that federer is a fast court player when 11 of his 16 slams are on slow surfaces according to MTF's definition of what a slow surface is?

well nadal proved that he can adapt to different 20 years old he demolished us open 2005 finalist agassi, AO 2006 finalist baghdatis both at wimbledon 2006 and lost in a close four setter in the final to fed who was a three time defending champion.....that's the earliest indication of what he is capable of on a tennis court even if it's not his beloved clay.....
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