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Re: Ladies, can it become a burden when a guy friend tells you he likes you?

when I was in high school I had a male friend who said he liked me. I was just starting to be a bit interested in this other guy, so I told my friend I wasn't really feeling it and just wanted to stay friends. He said okay and he never acted any differently with me. We are still friends now, 20 years on. He never lost interest in being my friend and was always there for me. Even when that boyfriend left me and I was crushed, my male friend was very supportive and never tried to "move in" on me in a weak moment or anything like that.

It's a great feeling to know you can trust someone completely; you can trust them with your life. They don't desert you and they don't take advantage. Guys seem to understand this in guy/guy friendships: you see those movies with two guys in some war zone or burning building. No matter how bad it is, when you turn around... the other person is there; they have your back. They will never sell the other person out or betray them. When girls look for this kind of loyalty from men (either in friendship or marriage), the guys just look totally puzzled, like we are not even the same species.

Everybody just wants someone they can trust who won't disrespect them or sell them out (and of course you would do the same for them). I don't know why it's so hard to understand.

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