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Re: 2012 MTF Top 10 Favourite Active Players (1st update in #83)

Players I'd pay money to watch

1. Federer
2. Tsonga - nicest player, seems to have a really good heart and aura about him
3. Del Potro - when he's on, completely dismantles opponents until they're helpless
4. Simon - has done so much with so little
5. Berdych - still a Berdbrain but can beat anyone and everyone when he puts his mind to it
6. Djokovic - despite popular opinion, is not actually evil personified and is a nice guy
7. Monfils - so fun
8. Nalbandian - nobody can construct points like this guy. such a cerebral, creative tennis player.
9. Gasquet - Pretty game
10 Gulbis - this headcase could be a threat if ever he got his head out of his @ss

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