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Re: Dubai Entry List/Fact Sheet (updated February 20, 2012)

Originally Posted by abollo View Post
What? Who told your Muslim women are not allowed to play sports or have a job? In my club only there are at least 50 playing and in the Egyptian rank we have about 400 female players or else why do they then host Arab tournaments with 8 event 4 for males and 4 for females. What about the Arab team in Fed Cup, in African tournaments?
Regarding that example I don't know what hotels you stayed in, but I can assume only that either you didn't notice these Arab females or because that females that have a good study won't want to work in a hotel (Egyptian way of thinking) or that females that don't have good certificates etc aren't accepted in the hotels you visited because they have high international standards for example.
Anyway I think we're talking in two different issues. I meant see the wta tournament, which gave the WC to Peer over Jabeur and by that I meant that not always a few Arab players receive a WC. I think you mean why were there so few good female players and the reason is the same as for male player we don't have facilities and coaches here + the players (even girls) focus more on studying than on sport, which tells why for example the two players in Dubai are not currently abroad, but check for example the WTA future in Egypt in Dubai's same week and you'll find some

I think I've gone very off topic, but I just wanted to clarify a point

Thanks for clarifying that. But I'm still convinced that only the elite (read: the more richer) families allow girls to have a job on their own. And in Saudi Arabia of course women have no rights at all.
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