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Re: Are you glad that Serve & Volley is pretty much extinct now?

Originally Posted by munZe konZa View Post
I love it when people post highlights which means they have nothing to say . Most of those highlights don't show 90% of rest of the game that was utter garbage. It's also easy to be aggressive when you know that the other guy can't hurt you.
highlights of guga vs federer on clay and you think neither man could hurt someone from the baseline?

that game was not garbage, as you put it- it showcased all of federer's game and in the 2nd set all of guga's

the highlights were just a taste of how wonderfull that match was

actually i do have something more to say

its almost become mtf fact to say that 1998-2002 was considered some kind of transitional era- i personally consider 2002 to be the strongest year of the decade

agassi was at his peak
hewitt was amazing
nalbandian too
safin dominated the ao- only to get drunk before the final
federer showcased his true all court game
haas even more so- knocking federer out of the ao- haas's all court game was amazing

the surfaces stilll played different enough to allow sampras to win the us open with s&v

best match of the year? possibly the federer hewitt semi final at the tmc-

best display of all court federer i ever saw- sadly the loss probably put him off attacking the net ever again- and helped fashion him into the baseline attacking monster he became

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