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Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
can't be in a worse situation than me. I'm cheering for Heather Strong and she's in dead last

Who are you cheering for?

Like I said I'm cheering for NL. I'd kind of like the rookie Ontario team to do well too. I kind of like NB too. Also have a soft spot for Kerry Galusha. She's getting better, I don't think she's made the playoffs in one of these yet though.

I don't like Jones, rotting for her to lose every game

not very fond of Kelly Scott either, or either of the saskatchewan teams.

The field this week is very even though. Only 1 team with only 1 win(guess who) and only 2 with 4 wins. Big logjam in between, 6 teams at 2-3 atm. I'm hoping 6-5 gets a tiebreaker, as it's unlikely Strong goes perfect the rest of the way. it's possible though with the very ever field. 6-5 got Cunningham directly into the playoff in 03, and she got to the final and almost won the thing. Hoping for a similar thing this year
yeah, i thought new foundland could do better but they are out of it

i am going for quebec, I really like marie-france larouche. She struggled early but she's won her last 3 now including knocking off canada and alberta so it looks like they are waking up

i do like BC but not because of kelly scott. I like the 2nd player dailene siverston. She is a great young player

if neither of them win i like alberta or saskatchewan.

im not saying i want new brunswick to win but i do love that andrea kelly is finally doing good at a scotties

i reeeaally do not want jenniffer jones to win this event

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