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Re: Are you glad that Serve & Volley is pretty much extinct now?

Originally Posted by DorianGray7 View Post
um dude... pently of players tried to do this. Taylor Dent, Roger Federer, Mika Llodra... and all failed. Racquets are too good now and courts are too slow - there isn't even a grass season anymore and S&V has almost 0% margin for error.

Llodra is probably the best volleyer on tour, having won 3 doubles grand slams but even he is rank 50-something. He is actually the only S&V in the top 200.
your examples, excluding federer, are D-Grade attackers when compared with the likes of mcenroe, edberg, becker, rafter and sampras... federer only opted out of the full court press due to sound defence, and perhaps the greatest forehand of all time - so why wouldn't he abandon attacking when he can point end at the back, behind a superior service...

llodra, stepanek, dent... all D-Grade...

thanks for posting

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why are you so seriously
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