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Re: Are you glad that Serve & Volley is pretty much extinct now?

Originally Posted by fast_clay View Post
what is old is new again... and, it will be that way...

defensive and counterattacking baseline tennis today has been pushed to a high level, and unless new players are happy just to sit back and make a living in the top 50 or grow a third lung then that won't change...

to take a slice of the pie at the very top in today's game, you're either gonna have to fight fire with fire and grow that 3rd lung... or, make your game dynamic and full of anti-rhythm... this of course will include many forays to the net both behind the serve and during general play - and it should not be forgotten: sharp, sublime world class volleys...

the lost arts of attacking take longer to groom and are almost forgotten, and the path of least resistance to bankrolling your career is no doubt to stalk your opponent for hours from the baseline... so unless you wanna run a marathon every match, then high level attacking play must come back...
um dude... pently of players tried to do this. Taylor Dent, Roger Federer, Mika Llodra... and all failed. Racquets are too good now and courts are too slow - there isn't even a grass season anymore and S&V has almost 0% margin for error.

Llodra is probably the best volleyer on tour, having won 3 doubles grand slams but even he is rank 50-something. He is actually the only S&V in the top 200.
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