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Re: Third World bears brunt of global warming impacts.

For a moment there it seemed as if the Climategate tables had been turned. Leaked documents from a Chicago think tank, the Heartland Institute, seemed to show that there was a plot by sceptics to ''dissuade teachers from teaching science.'' This was the only document among all those leaked to have a hint of scandal. But now it turns out the leaker is a prominent global warming alarmist, Peter Gleick, who obtained the documents by impersonating someone else. And here is the kicker - the one scandalous document is almost certainly a forgery. It was created one month after the other genuine documents were obtained and one day before being posted on the web. Gleik, president of the Pacific Institute has apologized and announced he will not now join the board of the National Center for Science Education.

Why am I not surprised? Gore and his crooked cronies are worse than the Sopranos.

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