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Re: The mega spam chat thread - Rafachat Vol. 76

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
Typing classes?
My mom took those when she was in college. But they didn't have anything to do with regular curriculum.

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
The way of having schools classes in West makes me

All the classes in Romania are mandatory, all the grades count if you want to enter highschool and universities and that makes all the teachers to become extremely bitchy and demanding and give themselves an importance that their object dont have( aka the Romanian way )

My son is 1st grade and studies: language writing, language reading, math, music, drawing, religion, biology, sports, informatics and practic/manual activity.

All mandatory
Until 6th grade when Physics is introduced and 7th grade when Chemistry is introduced too he already will have all the objects in the schedule including: geography, two foreign languages, history, civical education, latin, 3 kinds of mathematics, etc...

All mandatory again

And all the classes are writing/reading, nothing of typing, except informatics, of course
This was the case when I was growing up. But I think yours probably is a lot more demanding than ours. But these days there are schools in India( extremely expensive ones) which teach more like Western schools.

Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post

Originally Posted by Metis View Post

I wonder what it means that these two images are on consecutive posts.

Originally Posted by durrrr View Post
Those chat threads wouldn't even exist without me... No recognition, nothing. Chopped liver.
You start the next one, JM

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