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Re: Ladies, can it become a burden when a guy friend tells you he likes you?

Originally Posted by 2003 View Post

What right exactly does she have to feel hurt in Certinfys situation?
Certinfy told her that he liked her, while she wanted him only as a friend. She maybe feels like the friendship can't go on like it used to, and that all the energy she had put into it went to waste. In a way, she can feel cheated on. The relationship turned out to be something else than she thought it was, and it wasn't her who changed it. She might feel hurt, it's normal. It's a selfish feeling, because of course it's not his fault either, but neither of them can help that. And if it's cruel... yes, it's cruel, we are cruel, mainly when something gets us off balance.

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Not sure what type of girls you're approaching mate but any female whose dream is to be approached on the street by a random dude is the one who gets paid for it.

Just my 2 cents.



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Ruben Ramirez-Hidalgo is an intruiging player. A complete nobody who near the age of 30 worked himself up to be a competitive claycourter (2006-2007), beating Ferrer at RG, leading Federer 5-1 in the final set in Masters Series tournament.

His playing style is also of interest, he is the most technically pure moonballer on the tour
miles ahead of Nadal in esthetic terms, complete with a never-failing trademark grunt. A legend.
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i sit on central court in the front row, turn my head back over whole stand and the vip lounge above and see RRHs moonballs from court #2
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