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Re: Ladies, can it become a burden when a guy friend tells you he likes you?

Originally Posted by Bilbo View Post
It is your personal opinion and reaction, but MOST girls are not like this from my experience. Most girls appreciate being approached on the street. Hell, they even dream of it some have told me. A guy who has the balls to do it. A guy who is not drunk and who is charismatic. That is refreshing. Maybe in the Czech Republic it is different, but I have heard good things about approaching Czech girls on the street, especially in Prague. Streets are a wonderful place to get into conversations with people and it comes off as more genuine.
Bilbo, really, they don't. Some women are trained to be nice to other people from a very early age, so some of them will not tell you to fuck off and they will talk to you. Some women will be shocked that someone approached them in the street so if you're skilled at manipulating you'll earn a convo just because of the shock factor. I'm pretty sure most of these women will regret it once the shock is over.

Women don't like being approached in the street. The most important thing is that a woman in the street is totally out of her comfort zone. Vast majority of women will feel unsafe and threatened. Moreover, she probably thinks about something else, she's going somewhere, she's late, she's not thinking about any romantic interaction. In a club it's somewhat different, because statistically there will be more women there who just want to have fun at the moment you approach them.

Yeah, of course women dream about being approached in the street, I bet some women dream about being gang banged by six black strangers, but what does it have to do with reality?

I hope you know that every woman is different, every case is different, there are no patterns, techniques and golden rules. Hey, a woman can act differently at 6:30PM and 6:35PM depending on 100 factors. Seducing must come naturally, it must stem from your experience (and not from theories of others and not from male friends' experience because they lied to you) and presence, you have to use your empathy and observe a woman almost unconsciously, and whenever you talk about women, you seem extremely self-conscious. And that is just an introduction, because everything that's going on between a man and a woman is extremely complicated.

I'm shit at interacting with women BTW.
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