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Re: The King of 100 Titles : The Great Swiss Assassin

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
Anyway, lets take this claim from CD seriously while we are writting in his thread, lets make a roadmap to 100 titles:

29 more to go, what is required from Federer and development in tennis for this to be possible?

1-Longevity like the old days. Is it possible Federer can be another Rosewall or Connors? Or atleast a Laver or Agassi? Does he have it in him to be competitive far into his 30s? I say it is possible, he needs to play until 38 I think if he wants a chanse to get 100 titles.

2-End of super top 4 era, sometime soon Djokovic, Nadal and Murray needs to stop beeing in every SF and F in not only slams but every master series aswell, Nadal must be close to reaching that slippery slope and will fall rather fast outside clay. What if 2013 marks the end of the 6-year reign of top 4s and Nadal is out of the picture, Djokovic not in every final and so on? Federer can go back winning Indian Wells or Miami, probably always be favorite in Cincinatti. Maybe he can win 2 master series per year, add 3 smaller tournaments and atleast 1 slam/TMC and you got 6 tournaments per year.

3-play the smaller tournaments and take the seriously, positive signs when he plays Rotterdam again, how about if Federer goes on to play some small clay tournament like Estoril every year instead of the impossible Monte Carlo?
Dont skip Halle aswell, Federer should play 5 small tournaments every year and maybe skip 2 master series every year instead. He would need 3 every year atleast until 2015.

So, this is my roadmap to 100 in honor of CD:

2012-5 more titles: Halle and Basel are in the bag, Olympics on grass and lets say 2 of these: indoor master series/Cincinatti/Usopen/Wimbledon/TMC

2013 (Djokovic and Nadal take 2 steps down from their peak):3 small tournaments, 2 master series and 1 big one. 6 tournaments.

2014(End of Djokovic era, he is physically drain and Nadal limited to clay): 3 small tournaments, 1-2 master series and grand slam+TMC. 6 tournament wins.

2015-2-3 small tournaments 1 master series, 0-1 slam/TMC, 4 titles

Now that puts Federer at 92 when he is 34 years old, he can get to 100 by having some out of the ordinary long career, and go down his latest years 2016-2019 to 2-3 tournaments per year.

Well, one hell of a stretch of the imagination to see this happen. I give CD 1 in 40 odds to be right.

i never said he is going to most definitely do this. i only started the thread to explore that possibility.

that said, if anybody can do then he is one of those who could pull it off. he will have to play a long time obviously.

he plays the game so easily anyway. i believe he will at least play until he is 36-37. he may even surprise us all by playing until he is 40.

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