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Re: Livescoring Thread 2012 Cheer and Post to Your Hearts Content

This is the first time I've been able to actually watch the whole match since it's before I go to work. Impressive. Footwork has improved. Just keep ball in play, wait for Troicki to make the error. As for this nosebleed issue, I have some suggestions for him. I am the queen of the nosebleed. I used to get them daily after recess in school when my blood pressure would skyrocket (before my surgery). I get them in the winter when the air is dry. I get them during allergy season (which is NOW since spring has decided to come early) when I take my allergy sinus spray. He needs to get a small bottle of saline nasal spray. I have a feeling the air inside the arena is dry with the heat on. Then when he does get one, wad up a little bit of tissue, wet it, and stick it under the upper lip in the middle, helps cut it off, then leave it there for an hour or so to keep it from starting back up. It works for me almost immediately.

BTW, when I first saw the giant tennis ball in the corner of the TV screen, I thought it was a giant orange. That's what confused me. It's a strange color or the color I'm seeing on the computer is off.

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