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Re: Whats harder running a marethon or playing 5 sets over 6 hours?

Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
Cross country skiing is harder than tennis, and yes marathons are harder than tennis. The ball was not in play for the whole length of the match, not like marathon runners can have breaks, taking a minute in between points, sit down for 90 sec and run again.
I reckon. This is what people dont understand.

I remember when I started running, over eager as I might have been, I didnt ease my way into it, I insisted on doing 10 mile runs at steady speed.

Of coruse, gallant as I was, I couldnt do it without resting.

Taking 5-6 90 second sit down rests, and the odd walk break, say 8 of those, makes it infinately easier.

People here also dont understand the hitting the wall that happens somewhere in the second half of the marathon. In terms of the mental strenth needed to "race" those things let alone complete them.

I have seen people in tears, ive seen people throwing up, ive seen people doing the strangest limping I have ever seen after those events.

Havent seen that too much on a tennis court. Well not crying for that reason.

"I did not play my best tennis, no? And..that is what enable him to win this match no? "

- Rafael Nadal, ever so "humble", - press conference after shock 4 set loss to Robeen Soderling @ 2009 French Open 4th round.

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