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Re: Whats harder running a marethon or playing 5 sets over 6 hours?

Its also Marathon.

Im aware of the fact marathoners taper off about a week before their big race, but generally they train all year round. Note, theyre still running every day, just not as hard.

Yet the funny thing is, the ones who have a marathon at the end of the year dont get tired toward that part of the year like some tennis players strangely go missing for the last 3 months of the year at WTF time. That also proves they're fitter.

But in terms of their long run, most of the serious ones do a long run longer than the actual marathon every weekend.

And when I say long run, its not an easy long run, its a steady pace, somewhere about 10% below race speed.

Guess what, they probably did a 16 mile run the day before. They didnt get 2 days to rest and prepare for it.

This is part of the reason I created the thread I did about how can players be stiff and tired after 2 days rest, and people laughed at me.

Yet the same people are trying to tell me that tennis players are fitter than or as fit as runners, yet runners can be fresh the next day after 26 mile long runs. Let alone 2 days.

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