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Re: French Presidential Elections 2012

First you say this:
Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
This first sentence is outrageous. I can't even believe you said that!
Then this:
Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
EU is what I call an empire. I can compare it to the IIIrd Reich because it was also an empire.
You're digging your own hole, mate.

Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
All these empires have differences, doesn't change the fact that they were empires. I'll always side the nations against empires. So saying that I'm a Nazi while my reasoning just shows otherwise is really outrageous. Sad to read.
Comparing EU to the 3rd Reich is the only thing that's outrageous here.

Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
He could not control Wall Street, though. Even after Pearl Harbour, the likes of Sloan and Ford were still in bed with the Nazis.
Right, Sloan and Ford sleeping with Hitler. You're gay porno image is interesting but if you can't stick to facts then you're just another member of the crazy MTF mob. Show me evidence that this was the case and then you can make lazy bullshit political statements like this.

Roosevelt would have certainly loved to control Wall Street, like everything else. The fact he didn't succeed is the greatest blessing.

Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
Myth building.

European countries had already been rebuilt by 1948. Economic growth started much earlier. Milton Friedman argued that the Marshall Plan did not help boosting Europe's economic growth but on the contrary slowed it down.
Building myths of your own.

European countries weren't rebuilt until 1960. 1948-1960 France and Italy's economies doubled; Germany's tripled.

Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
And De Gaulle's duty (like every statesman) was to serve France's and the French's interests, not American citizens' interests.
When did I say it wasn't? How does snubbing your allies serve your country?
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