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Re: How much luck has to do with Nole's success?

Originally Posted by latso View Post
Was just thinking how many times in a row he just lucked it out in mega huge ocasions -

USO semi final 2011
USO semi final 2010
AO semi final 2012 (he was *5-5 15-40 in 5th set)
AO final 2012 (*2-4 15-30, easy passing missed Rafa, 5th set)

In 4 occasions he's just a point away of losing. He plays most these crucial points in a great way, but to be honest this kind of successive crucial points saving doesn't happen to everyone.

No deterioration of Nole's success, just thinking about how one point in all those 4 matches (maybe more than 4, can't remember) could have made his impressive run look totally different.
Some luck indeed here, no?
In all these occasions you can say that Novak had luck ag Federer in USO semi 2011 - yet again he read Fed's serve perfectly and later Federer choked. In USo semi 2010 he served to stay in match so all was in his hands. This year AO he was never point away of losing - Murray still had to convert break points and serve it out - maybe Novak choked here cause he was serving for the match at 5-3 and with that Rafa's easy miss he still needed to win next point only to be 5:3 up.

Again in several occasions he was 'unlucky' (or choked if you want) like in USO final 2007 when he had several set points to win first 2 sets, last RG SF when he netted easy forehand winner to come back in 4th set TB or Bejing Olympics when he missed easy smash and in numerous other matches when gifted (choked) his victory to inferior ('lucky') opponent.

I cannot count anymore but as someone said his 'luck' is deserved and evened with 'luck' his opponents had against him.
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