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Re: What is stopping Berdych from becoming a Top 4?

Originally Posted by Farenhajt View Post
Does he have SOME talent? Sure.

Does he have THE talent? No.

Also, he's absolutely NEVER stricken me as sufficiently intelligent for the top tier.

Intelligence and tennis have nothing to do with each other.

How do you think Nadal, the guy who uses the same play every point of every match against every opponent on every surface, is able to succeed? ZERO creativity. It works, so good on him. And lol that 99% of the ATP are unable to deal with this one play, even the so called 'tactician' Andy Murray.

Strategy and intelligence have no place on a tennis court.

Birdshit needs to take the same SIMPLE approach as Nadal, but it is doubtful he has the same core/shoulder strength to produce the topspin, the left-handedness to make life difficult for righties, or the speed to track balls down. I dunno, retire, maybe?
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