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Re: French Presidential Elections 2012

Originally Posted by Grassquet View Post
Are you so disconnected from the reality for believing that the exit of the euro would be a good thing? Exiting the eurozone would increase considerably the cost of our debt, and would lead to a competitive devaluation war in Europe. Give up euro is plain nonsense.
Are you so obtuse no to see that euro is the factor of debt increase and not the reverse. The devaluation for France would be reasonable. Euro was a catastrophic mistake. Plurinational currencies have never worked, in history. EU is also a big mistake. Why has EU never been a model for other parts of the World?

Exiting the euro, the EU and NATO is the only way out. Greece will get out, it's certain. Germany too, very likely. All France can do is anticipating.

Originally Posted by Grassquet View Post
And don't act like if you were in the majority about this subject because you're in the minority.
Could you remind me what the French and the Dutch voted for, in 2005? And the Irish in 2008?

Economists are on my side.
Originally Posted by ssin
OK, thanks. I was in Brussels 2 weeks ago, btw. Went to Delirium club mostly, drinking Belgian beer, what else, like any other visitor, total cliche, but it was enjoyable and successful visit Shame I don't speak French at all.
Which is your favourite? I love Kasteel Red.

Originally Posted by Jimnik
Are you seriously comparing Nazi occupation to so-called "EU occupation"? I thought you were one of the more sane people on here.
Yes. If it doesn't sound too insane to you, I see supranationality in both cases, which IS a comparable aspect. There has always been Empires, throughout the European history. Hitler already referred to the "Historical year of the great grouping of Europe" (in 1941) You had that year a great exhibition in Paris called "La France européenne" (with the phrase 'Construction de l'Europe' - Europe Building, written on the folder) with the Nazi authorities and Vichy representatives. In this exhibition you had maps showing the broken up Europe of the past democracies and the new united Nazi Europe without borders, where we could have a big common market, etc.

History is only repeating itself.

Originally Posted by Jimnik
CdG's fight for nuclear independence and rejection of NATO was purely a matter of national pride. From an economic and defensive standpoint it made little sense. The US drove Germans out of France and funded much of France's post war infrastructure. From a moral standpoint it made even less sense.
You realize that the nuclear independence that General de Gaulle gave France allowed for Villepin's speech at the UN and allowed France to stay out of the Iraqi disaster. Sarkozy would've sent troop to Iraq.

If we are to talk about WWII, then we've got to say everything. For example, that Roosevelt never wished to recognize De Gaulle and would rather negotiate with Darlan who had just refuelled the Afrikakorps and allowed the Luftwaffe to use airports in Syria. Roosevelt had great plans for Europe. He wanted to break my country up and instal a proconsular government in every occupied countries. De Gaulle prevented that.

But most of all, American oil and car industries were in bed with Hitler. It's, for example, now admitted that had Standard Oil not transferred hydrogenation patents and technology to IG Farben there would have been no war.

I think we have no moral debt towards the US. Also culturally, we paid the "debt" by diffusing American films in cinema 3 weeks a month (Blum-Byrnes Agreement).
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